The Aftermath

Fan Mail We've Received

We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the positive feedback that has been coming in, and I would like to personally thank all of you for emailing your support!

It truly does help me to know that I'm not yelling in the darkness all by myself. Thanks for showing us that we aren't alone in our beliefs. You have given me hope that not all is lost and that one person CAN make a difference, just by shining some light on the problems we all face in the internet marketing community.

In fact, there has been so much overwhelming feedback that there isn't room for it all. So I've chosen a select few to feature here, and appreciate your continued support.

I've removed any identifying characteristics of the sender. I'm doing this for their own protection and privacy, except where the sender published their comments on a public blog or forum, in which case I am linking directly to the public source.

For those whose comments were sent to me privately, your identification details have been removed, but if you want me to remove your comments, let me know and I'll rewrite them in my own words, fully disclosing the said rewrite.

Selected Fan Quotes

Jack Humphrey grilled me last night over an open flame! This is the first open podcast covering some of the behind-the-scenes issues concerning the launch (and backlash) from the Internet Marketing Sins report.

Click here to listen to the podcast

‘Internet Marketing Sins’ is a breath of fresh air. Sylvie is saying what people have been talking about for a long time. But the reason she’s going to be able to come out of this looking good is because she’s giving actionable alternatives to the BS marketing. Which is much needed.

I read this and it looks like it’s geared for some of the most flagrant abusers who violate almost ALL those rules. As I was reading all the usual suspects were popping in my head.

I believe in the future nothing will be more important than an email list and customer list that honestly LOVES your stuff and YOU. Everything Sylvie talked about comes down to ONE thing, TRUST! And if you do the things she talks about you can’t lose. It honestly baffles my mind how these ‘gurus’ just send pitch after pitch and use all these BS techniques that Sylvie talks about and still maintain a following and their list.

Tell your wife to keep doing her thing on this, it’s getting good! I love how she’s compressing everything into one report. She’s calling it all out and laying everything out crystal clear. I don’t see how any of these ‘gurus’ can read this and not know she’s talking about them.”

Ricky Breslin (Name Reprinted by Permission)

All I can say is WHERE’S THE REST OF THE DAMN REPORT? I was reading along, loving every word, and heard a loud ‘clunk’. It turned out to be my scrollbar hitting the bottom like a boat anchor on bedrock. BRILLIANT STUFF... And it is the very reason(s) I’ve struggled at times in the Internet marketing world. You are taught the Art of the Deception from Day One.

21 yrs ago (oops, dating myself), I worked for an Executive Recruiting firm in Jacksonville, Florida. My manager told me the ruse was an effective and ethically pure strategy to use because everyone wins. He thought nothing of calling into a company and posing as someone else to get to someone he didn’t already know. I said ‘that is situation ethics and I won’t do that... Thank you for your time’ and left the company.

Anyway, consider me a raving fan and anxious to see the rest of the story!

Ross Yingling (Name Reprinted by Permission)

This Internet Marketer Pissed Me Off

It’s true an Internet Marketer got the best of me and what really PISSED me off was I didn’t (have the) guts to say the things she said first!

All that aside… :)

I think Sylvie Fortin just went off the fricken deep end. She just wrote a FREE REPORT which EXPOSES and SLAMS all of the CRAP you’ve been seeing lately online.

Trust me, she doesn’t make any friends in this report. You’re going to be SHOCKED at what she says.

Don’t believe me? Just read it.

Here’s what happened to me…


* I was in SHOCK.

* I was EXCITED.



* I was in SHOCK AGAIN

Did I say I was in SHOCK? It’s true.

She pulls no punches and doesn’t hide anything. Nothing has EVER been written like this about Internet Marketing! NOTHING!

This is the 100% STRAIGHT SKINNY as to what is happening today and I personally 100% endorse and agree with everything she is saying.

As Seen on Armand Morin's Blog

I Have Sinned!

Sylvie Fortin has begun what will be one of the most important reports, or manifestos, ever for the internet marketing industry. She’s only written about a few internet marketing “sins” so far, but I was glued to every word.

I Have Sinned!

I was also very uncomfortable as she nailed a couple of sins we are committing ourselves. I don’t care if people know that. (Did you honestly think I was perfect?) I will correct those sins and I will gladly pass on the word about this important report despite having to admit, like many, many others, that I have sinned.

Sylvie, wife of Michel Fortin, is putting herself out there in the most important way a marketer can. Standing up to the “way business is done” in internet marketing is not the kind of thing that gets you invited to the popular kids’ parties! She’s already started taking heat, but it’s nothing in comparison to the amount of fan mail she’s getting.

And I think that’s the whole point of “Internet Marketing Sins.” Doing what’s right instead of what’s trendy, cool, or even completely unethical just because “everyone’s doing it.”

Everyone has been involved in forum and blog threads (or at least read some) where everyone else is complaining about the latest launch. I have seen some pretty eloquent ideas and passionate arguments against the “rape and pillage” launches, false scarcity, downright illegal activity, and other ploys marketers use to ramp up sales, no matter what the consequences.

But no one. Absolutely no one has ever written about the sins marketers commit like Sylvie has. We all tend to rant on a blog post or in a forum and get it out of our system. Sylvie, on the other hand, finally sat down to really do something about unethical, and ultimately, unprofitable practices marketers are using to sell good or bad products.

Before You Make Some Big Mistakes, Read This…

Do not envy the marketer who just made millions on a rape and pillage launch. 1) You don’t know they actually made millions. 2) They may have done it by committing one or more of the sins in Sylvie’s report. If you aspire to be one of those guys, read this report before you take another step down the rabbit hole.

You Can Be Profitable and Good at the Same Time

You can still make millions, and Sylvie immediately offers better advice at the end of her description of each internet marketing sin. She will show you how you should be thinking about building a real business online and the things you should avoid.

Everything she points out in this report I absolutely agree with. Even if I need to change some things about our own marketing.

I only wish I didn’t have to wait for her to release the rest of the report! It’s really that good.

As Seen on Jack Humphrey's Friday Traffic Report

Sylvie speaks with experience. Her company, Workaholics 4 Hire, has supported many of the biggest names in Internet marketing for many years. She’s seen it all and participated in more of it than she ever wanted to.

And now she’s fed up with it and wants to see it stop.

This is not just some mindless rant. There is serious DAMAGE being done to an entire industry and it’s now affecting all of us who are trying to make a living there. Any time someone is deceived or tricked by any marketer, it affects ALL marketers, because the natural skepticism we all have doubles.

Then it doubles again. And again.

I’ve always enjoyed Michael’s point of view on the subjects of integrity and ethics. He’s truly one of the good guys and he’s always dead-on. Now I see Sylvie shares that same fire, the determination to make things right in the world any way possible.

And her report blew me away!

As Seen on Alan Bechtold's

Thank you for having the guts to write this. You have long been my
heroine and this manifesto is an example of why.


It's about time someone opened their mouth about all of these 'gurus' 'scammers' out there!!!

Can't wait for your next report!

Congratulations on the first part of your 'Marketing Sins' book. I thought it was excellent. I'm sick to death of the slimy, sleazy tactics used by many of the A-list internet marketing people to the extent that I probably won't buy anything from them again.

Many people are so naive and trusting, and it's sad that so many marketers dash their hopes by selling them crap in their single minded pursuit of that one off sale.

Thanks for writing this E-Book, and I'll be looking forward to reading the rest.

So far your report is right on the money. Could it be possible to purge the internet of the offenders you talk about? If your article just gets rid of one it will help.

Right on target! If I read one more email from one more guru with the email phrase " I just got off the phone with [insert name of other guru here]" and he/she has a special deal for me only. I am going to throttle someone or something.

There is so much hype upon hype that the notion of marketing a quality product with a pile of hyped crap is accepted. What happened to a strong moral compass? What happened to integrity? What happened to building a long term long lasting business.

Right on Sylvie!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I cannot tell you how refreshing it was to read just the first part of your report and cannot wait to read the rest! Being in online marketing myself for over 7 years, I've often felt and voiced the same opinions as you. I'm not as well known however, and so my message didn't reach the masses like yours will. I'm glad that someone like yourself stepped up to the plate.

Hopefully your report will open up some eyes that there really ARE people like us out there who really do give a shit and want nothing more than to offer our knowledge to people who really need it, do it without using underhanded tactics, and run their businesses like a real business.

Thanks again Sylvie — I'll always have your back :-)

Michael Fortin's wife, Sylvie, has unleashed all of things that we have collectively thought about the current state of IM.

Sylvie and Mike. Your report is a work of the beauty of honest truth. I applaud you. Thank you for having the guts to write this.

I just read this page and the first chapter of a report written by Sylvie Fortin, Michael’s wife. Fantastic. I applaud you both for having the guts to stand up and “tell it like it is”

They are both completely authoritative people to have written this profound report exposing the “sins” of Internet Marketing. This report was written clearly with a love of truth and a love for a better industry for everyone involved.

Thank you both.

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Sylvie Fortin (she’s my ’shero’ anyway — plus she’s an amazing lady in so many ways) decided to let it all out, and boyoboy did she — I’m in the middle of her unvarnished ebook about marketing online. If you are sensitive to tell it like it is language that gets a bit “colorful” at times, don’t bother downloading it.

If you want to become a better marketer and don’t mind the brash, realistic tone of a really GOOD book — then go here and download your copy.

Here’s to you, Sylvie — one outstanding human being! I hope that everyone who markets online will read this book and realize it’s always best to be an ethical marketer. The truth will set us all free!

As Seen On

Internet Marketing Sins shines the light

Sylvie Fortin calls these tactics "sins" and she explains them in clear understandable, but strong, language. You won’t have a problem recognizing yourself, how badly you’ve been treated (and perhaps how you have treated others?). This is a MUST READ for Newbies

I think it is especially important for newbie beginners in internet marketing to learn to recognize and avoid these tactics, and that is why I seriously urge you to read this revealing report.

You probably already realize that you’ve been scammed by one or more of these tactics, but Internet Marketing Sins lays it all out systematically and comprehensively. I feel so strongly about this that I’ve added Internet Marketing Sins to the Recommended page.

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Wow, a high profile Internet marketer — dare I say “guru” — has lashed out at what she regards as 15 Internet marketing sins.

Sylvie Fortin, president and founder of outsourcing outfit, Workaholics4Hire, and wife of renown Internet copywriter, Michel Fortin, has released a report where she unleashes her rage over a number of tactics commonly used in the Internet marketing niche and elsewhere.

There’s certainly a marketing (list building and sales) motive behind the release of Sylvie’s report. Come on, we’re all marketers, right? But I was truly surprised — and impressed — by Sylvie’s brutal honesty in the report.

Surprise, surprise, a “guru” — who no doubt rubs shoulders with some of the biggest marketing sinners — genuinely lashes out at practices she believes are undermining Internet marketing. I mean really. She even lets loose a few expletives!

Frankly, I would love to see everyone in the Internet marketing niche (and other niches) take Sylvie’s ideas to heart. Regardless of whether or not this is partly a marketing exercise (and heck, I’ve signed up as an affiliate) I agree with her when she says that the fewer people engaged in shady marketing tactics, the better it is for all of us.

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Sylvie has finally let go of all the frustrations she has been holding on to about some of these methods and compiled this FREE report…in fact she has had so much to say about the subject that she has not completed the whole report and this is just part one….parts two and three to follow later on…but I urge you not to wait until the other parts are published…get your FREE copy of the first chapter just by clicking on the Book cover above…It is absolutely FREE!

But Don’t get your FREE copy if you are easily offended or will blush at the language that Sylvie comes out with in the report…She holds nothing back and says what she thinks despite the fact that She realizes that she may loose favor with some of her Internet Marketing Chums about some of the methods being used…because she is so forthright with her comments and feelings in the report.

I sat and read every word of this great 129 page report…and remember this is only the first part…and I can’t wait to see what Sylvie has to say in the next two installments, She’s one fired up lady!

I’d hate to be Michel if he ever upsets her…Doesn’t bear thinking about!!

As Seen on

Sylvie's Commentary

Ted, I read that last line to Michel and he laughed harder than I think I've ever seen him laugh. Then he looked at me a bit nervously and I cracked up. *still wiping tears from my eyes* Thanks for that! Made my day! :)

Jeepers! You are the girl for me.

But I thought you were going to be somewhat harsher.

Sylvie I don't think your book will make a blind bit of difference to the meanies in the niche, because they are essentially crooks with no soul.

But it might make other more honest types who are wavering on the brink pull back. So congratulations. You have already added value.

Dear Sylvie and Michel,

Thank you, Thank you and again I say THANK YOU ! You have loaded the hammer — now I hope it connects with the right heads.

You go girl! Love the style — felt like we were having a conversation at the bar at the Waverly!

Thanks for being a "voice of truth" here in the IM world — takes some Guts to tell it as you see it. I was particularly entertained "hearing" you reading this in my head.

I think you gave some good solutions to these situations — hope to see more of these implemented going forward. We can each do our own part.

Can't wait to read the rest! :)

I will admit that I'm not crazy about some of the language in your
report — BUT — I know how to ignore words like that and just read
around them so I got it anyway because I wanted to see what it was
about — it sounded like it might be good.

I was wrong — it's much, much better than good and I'm really looking forward to the rest!

Part of what's been holding me back from doing better online is some
of what you outlined — that stuff is being touted as the way to
succeed but I didn't want to do it that way. Your report has
reinforced my belief that marketing that way is not the best way.

Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic report Sylvie! :)

I just recently downloaded your first installment of this truly phenomenal eye-opening report. Wow! Talk about some strong language, but you know what? It is what people need to hear, not what they want to hear.

Thanks for putting yourself on the line to lend your voice to those who don't have the online presence that you do and who don't have your unique insider's perspective. I've been feeling the ground swell of this since [snipped to preserve anonymity] earlier this year because of forced continuity (I know, in itself, it's supposedly not bad. I'm not sure I agree with that, but concede it's just my opinion. Continuity is good. Forced continuity is just a subtle, coercive "payment" substitute, IMHO.)

I wish you well with the rest of your writing "fever." Be energized and sound the trumpet, Sylvie. I'm behind you 100%.

I’ve just finished reading the first 5 sins — there are 15 in all — and I have to say I wish I had written it.

Have you ever fallen for the One Time Offer or Upsell Hell as Sylvie calls it? Read page 56. I told you there were no pulled punches!

As Seen on (a must read review!)

I am a new marketer and have been told or shall I say advised by others that I will only succeed if I use some of the questionable methods you describe in the report.

My own personal convictions will not allow me to do this and if I am never to succeed because I refuse to use blatant lies or underhand tactics then so be least I'll be able to sleep at night.

Just got your Manifesto. Read it all. I honestly am grateful for your insights, knowledge, experience, and, what, I do believe is in your heart with regard to the Internet marketing community.

I wish you much success with your report, and continued success in all you do.

When this book came out, I was anxious to read it. I wanted to know if I was committing any of the deadly sins of marketing.

Considering that I know Sylvia fairly well, in an Internet based community kind of knowing, I expected great things of her ebook, and I got them.

Sylvia Fortin offers specific information about marketing techniques and strategies that many of us have tried in part, or have had tried on us, that don’t work, annoy, irritate, and otherwise malign a working relationship with customers.

The book is to the point, direct and specific about what works and what doesn’t.

In the scheme of marketing, I have to admit I’ve been guilty of using a few of the tactics, before I realized how much I didn’t like those tactics. But there are better ways to market product, and I’ve learned to use the better ways.

Thanks Sylvia, for an eye popping new ethics guide for marketers.

As Seen on

Written by Sylvie Fortin, wife of famed copywriter Michel Fortin, this is a brutally honest and very revealing look at some of the most common sins being committed by internet marketers today.

What I really like about "Internet Marketing Sins" is that Sylvie:

  • helps consumers recognize internet marketing tricks
  • provides alternatives for online marketers in an effort to assist the internet marketing community adopt sound business practices.

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One hell of a book!

Even though Michel & Sylvie Fortin gave me the impression that the target readers for their book are fellow internet marketers, I want you Internet Marketing suckers out there to go and read it too.

You see, we have a number of bad and nasty internet marketing practices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India and China. Unfortunately, a lot of innocent people are not aware of their badness and nastiness. I wish I could put in writing but the subject is too sickening for me.

Lucky for you folks, Michel & Sylvie Fortin have come up with a great book to let you understand some of the dirty underhand Internet Marketing tactics and tricks we have out there. This book is a must-read for Internet Marketing suckers, if you are one of them, go and read it today.

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I just got done reading part 1 of an incredible 3 part “manifesto” by Sylvie Fortin that exposes the stupidity of the underhanded tricks and short-sighted tactics being used by some in the “internet marketing” community.

While she is NOT going to be making any friends with a few “top marketers” (and she may actually lose a few clients because of this), the things she has said in this shocking expose have needed to be said for a while.

And it is not just the marketers she is going after…

She unloads on customers “sins” as well. BUT… I’m going to warn you, she doesn’t pull any punches AND she uses some VERY strong language. And if you are guilty of any of these “sins” (as either a marketer OR a customer) you ARE going to be offended, insulted, cussed at and called names.

As Seen on

Just yesterday, I stumbled upon a site that discusses internet marketing sins. Given my recent experiences and concerns, I was glad to find a site that was taking this issue seriously. They have written an open letter to all internet marketers seeking to address the unacceptable tactics being employed by some of us.

If you are an internet marketer, I strongly suggest that you visit Internet Marketing Sins and read this open letter. There are no strings attached and the letter is a free download.

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There’s been a storm brewing silently in the Internet Marketing world. There have been a few murmurs here and there over the past few months, but it wasn’t until recently that the murmurs were silenced with a loud “THUD!” from Sylvie Fortin.

Her open letter to the Internet Marketing industry and the consumer has opened the proverbial can-of-worms that I predict will be in the forefront of IM seminars for years to come.

In my conversation with her this morning, Sylvie was as candid and forthright as she comes across in her letter.

We’re at a crossroads in the Internet Marketing world where we need to get better about how we conduct business, and police our own by not putting up with the crap of tricks that give us all a black eye.

Her stance is that we’re not only hurting the consumer through the use of underhanded techniques, but we may be unintentionally cutting our own throat...

As Seen on (A MUST Read Review!)

I planned on writing about a completely different topic today, but I felt like this news was too important…

Michel Fortin’s wife, Sylvie, just released the first chapter of a free ebook called “Internet marketing sins”.

She talks about many of the questionable tactics being used by Internet marketing gurus and she doesn’t hold anything back. I know that the unethical tactics Sylvie talks about aren’t used by all Internet marketing gurus. However, there are some marketers who do business this way,and I am quite frankly as sick of it as she is.

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