If You're Sick and Tired of Bad Marketing Tactics and Stupid Marketing Tricks Being Perpetrated Online, and You Want to Know What You Can Do About It, Then Read This Scathing, Eye-Opening Manifesto.*

The Future Of Your Online Marketing Success May Depend On it.

*Contains coarse language and mature themes not suitable for younger audiences or the easily offended. Reader discretion is strongly advised.


The other day, something strange happened.

My wife and I were checking out some Internet marketer's offer online, like we normally do. We always love to find out about someone's new product or information package. Perhaps it'd be something we'd be interested in for ourselves. Or perhaps we'd be interested in promoting it as an affiliate to our client and subscriber lists.

The offer was from a well-known marketer — someone we know and respect. But as we sat through an excruciatingly long, boring video, coupled with an even longer (and even more boring) salesletter, our jaws dropped.

We couldn't believe what we saw. Even worse, I heard my wife cursing like a sailor, shaking both open palms at her computer screen as if she were trying to strangle somebody on the other side.

Why? Because the offer was done in a blatantly sneaky way.

It used a scarcity tactic that's so obviously deceptive, it makes you cringe when you think about the number of people who you know will still fall for such a maneuver.

We couldn't understand that, in today's day and age after a good, solid 10 years of marketing online, and after all the dissension, outcries and contentious debates we see occurring all over the Internet (on forums, blogs and social networks) about really bad marketing tactics, that some well-known, well-respected "gurus" would still resort to such blatantly poor, underhanded tactics.

During those 10 years (and having been online for more than 20), we've seen them all. We've been service providers in the Internet marketing industry for over a decade.

We didn't enter the Internet world like most marketers and entrepreneurs who started out selling products on the web. In fact, we were service providers long before we became Internet marketers ourselves. And we started out by serving many of these very marketers — and doing what they wanted us to do.

I'm a copywriter. My wife, a freelancer. Her company takes care of a lot of the outsourcing needs for Internet marketers. From developing products to designing websites, from writing copy to driving traffic, we've been helping out — and we were even instrumental in the creation of — many multimillionaires online.

Many of them are not only our clients, they are also our friends. We have promoted their products, and they, in turn, have promoted ours. Many of them even came to our wedding!

Before I continue, I need to be candid for a moment.

Admittedly, many business owners out there are indeed ethical, transparent and, of course, remarkably brilliant when it comes to marketing and growing an online business. They have integrity and their strategies are beyond reproach. We've learned a lot from them as much as provided them with the services they hired us for to market their products online and build their businesses.

However, many others are doing things we believe to be questionable. Some of them are even shady, sneaky and sometimes downright illegal.

While the hairs on the back or our necks would rise at the sight of what some of these marketers do (and they would certainly do the same for most people), back then we had to bite our tongues, zip our mouths shut and continue kowtowing to their demands.

Granted, that's our fault.

We were sinners, too.

We were willing participants.

We made our share of mistakes. Many of them were stupid mistakes, too.

Was it because we were just as greedy? Was it because we lacked testicles and a spine? Was it because we blindly believed in our clients' strategies? Maybe. But one thing I do know... We had to bite our tongues many, many times.

When we first started out, we were new to Internet marketing. We were making just a few dollars working with, and learning from, marketers who would go on to make millions. (Yes, no matter how questionable some of their tactics may be, they do work. Sadly, I might add.) That's perfectly fine. We did the work and we got paid.

We felt we had no choice but to do what our clients asked us to do.

Over the years, after serving thousands of clients and working in hundreds of different niches, we also spent an enormous amount of energy, time and electrons defending our clients and apologizing for them. But we also learned a lot in the process, too.

Looking back with what we now know, we certainly should have refused these clients if we knew what we were getting into. (Hindsight is always 20/20, isn't it?)

A choice is only a choice when you understand all the options. We didn't. We had very little knowledge about Internet marketing and running an online business. Not only that, but we were also naive and, as service providers, had a very limited perspective.

We were limited in what we knew about our clients and their business models. We were commissioned to "do, don't ask." The tasks we were hired to do were just small parts of a bigger picture. So we blindly took on new clients and did exactly what we were told.

Of course, we stayed away from anything blatantly unethical or illegal. But some things, which may have been entirely legal and even ethical, were questionable.

Over time, we started our own online businesses and became very successful.

The Internet marketing community has been very kind to us. We are forever grateful for that and we will never forget it. Today, we're Internet marketers, having not only used the many tactics and strategies we learned in the process, but also creating, testing and improving our own on hundreds of different websites and businesses.

So why this manifesto? Why this sudden change of heart?

It's not really a change of heart. It's something we have, from time to time, mentioned on blogs, in forums, through emails and at seminars.

We spoke about some of these questionable tactics while on stage. At many of the seminars we attended, we've had many heated discussions and fiery debates going on outside the seminar room between us and other marketers.

The more we delved into Internet marketing — and the more we knew about our clients' business models, the different types of Internet marketing practices available and the effects they would all have — the more we started refusing clients outright.

In recent years, we even fired clients who asked us to carry out work that, while being legal and profitable in the short-term, would contradict our values, affect our consciences and negatively impact our businesses in the long-term.

This manifesto is the culmination of many years working behind the scenes, and as consumers quietly witnessing such questionable strategies, unethical tactics and stupid marketing tricks — what my wife calls "sins."

That's why she titles her manifesto...

Internet Marketing Sins
An Open Letter to All Internet Marketers.

In it, she won't cover some of the more common and widely unacceptable tactics, like spam for instance. These illegal activities are deplorable and go without saying, and we've always refused to work with clients who would ask us to perpetrate these egregious sins.

No. Instead, she explores some of the deceptive, misleading and notorious errors marketers commit — and many of them are not as blatant as you think. Some of them are very sneaky and slip under many people's radars. They have for us when we first started out.

For example, my wife covers topics like "Sleight of Hand Forced Continuity," "Guru Bashers," "Hammerhead Marketing," "Teleseminar Idiots," "Coaching Addicts," "Arrogant Jerks," "Lazy-Ass Marketers," and more.

She doesn't mention any names — remember, some of these marketers are our friends and used to be our clients — and she doesn't personally fingerpoint anyone in particular (although some of these tactics will certainly seem very familiar to you). But she does attack some of the most blatant sins being committed.

More specifically, she's not attacking anyone personally. She's focusing strictly on what they do. "Hate the sin but love the sinner," as they say.

These sins have a tendency to violate these 10 commandments, if you will...

  1. Integrity
  2. Transparency
  3. Ethics
  4. Honesty
  5. Courtesy
  1. Loyalty
  2. Quality
  3. Consistency
  4. Reliability
  5. Value

Now, to think this report will instantly change the ways of hardcore veteran marketers out there who perpetrate these sins is just as naive.

Sylvie is not targeting these seasoned marketers with this report. Not directly, anyway. She's mostly targeting the newbie who's thinking about emulating them — and forcing them to think twice before doing something they may not be completely aware of.

She's giving them a choice... A choice we didn't have.

However, don't think that this report is just a voluminous rant-filled discourse that spews negative commentary about the way bad marketing is still being perpetuated online.

It's not just a report in which my wife finally exposes some of the deviousness going on the Internet that's giving all Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs a bad name.

It's not only a voice expressing the growing undercurrent of hostility that has been brewing online for quite some time. (If you haven't been living under a rock in the last few years, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.)

It's also an attempt to be a voice of reason and clarity in a world that has become shady and cynical, while offering some real, solid and practical solutions.

Sure, we might come off as sounding hypocritical to some degree, and we understand that. After all, we're running businesses ourselves and have used some of these tactics on behalf of our clients — tactics my wife will be uncovering in this scathing report.

But keep in mind, after years of prostituting ourselves while we were learning about Internet marketing and starting our own online businesses…

… We had enough.

But there's more to it than that.

For fear that my wife will appear as a troublesome, whining bitch who only wants to purely rant about the sad state of marketing on the Internet, she will more than just address important issues all Internet marketers should be aware of.

She will also provide actionable strategies anyone can follow to counter the trend, and to grow an exciting, ethical and long-term business that serves and not just sells. One that you can be proud of and believe in.

Also, this report will be freely downloadable.

There are no strings attached, no hidden offers and no disguised marketing tactics.

This manifesto will include a few links to related resources. And in the interest of full disclosure, some of these resources are our own. But whether or not you choose to click them to learn more is totally up to you. You certainly don't have to. This report is not meant to be a sales pitch of any kind. More than anything, it's therapeutic.

But if you're at all interested in this manifesto, the only thing you need to do is first read the important disclaimer at the bottom of this page, then proceed to download it. That's it. You can directly download it straight from this web page.

There are 15 "sins" in all. The report is available in three stages, since my wife has so much to cover. Each part will cover five sins at a time. (For example, the first part is 126 pages covering the first five! The second is 117 pages. Part #3 is done in video format.)

Here's a list of the chapters included in the first installment of Internet Marketing Sins. At the bottom of this page, you can download this report immediately:

  1. Warning!
  2. About This Manifesto
  3. A Note From Sylvie Fortin
  4. Sleight of Hand Continuity
  5. Upsell Hell
  1. Limited Time Offers
  2. Hammerhead Marketing
  3. Feast or Famine Marketers
  4. Next 10 Coming Soon
  5. Get The Word Out!

Let me repeat, there are no sales pitches or hidden offers.

We believe it's high time that someone put their foot down, and I also believe my wife is the perfect person to do this. Why? Because she has seen a lot of what goes on, behind the scenes — things that would make your skin crawl and bank accounts shrivel.

In her many years as an outsourcing provider, she has seen firsthand (more than I have) what goes on in the world of Internet marketing. And she's a lot more credible too, since she has a lot more to lose and a lot less to gain from finally exposing these sins.

When my wife was preparing this report, I've never seen her type so furiously. I've never seen her as motivated and on fire as this. She's mad. And I'm sure this report will make a lot of people mad, too.

It will certainly piss a lot of people off.

Chances are, it will piss you off, too.

Maybe it will upset you. Maybe it will annoy you. Maybe it will make you feel a little uncomfortable, or even cause you to shake your fist at your computer screen.

Perhaps it'll be because she shatters some common, long-held myths, and exposes some of the stupid mistakes — mistakes that even we, as consumers of Internet marketing products, make — and how to stop making them.

Perhaps it'll be because, as you read through this scathing report, you'll recognize how many times you made the mistake yourself of buying into some of these piss-poor marketing mistakes, thus contributing to the "disease" — and how many times you were shafted by them, or how stupid or ignorant you feel because you easily fell for them.

Perhaps it'll be because you're a marketer or business owner, and you realize that you're guilty of some of the shady, underhanded tactics my wife exposes — and maybe, just maybe, feel the finger is being pointed at you.

Or perhaps it'll be because you will join in the chorus of a growing underground of dissatisfied, disenchanted and disgruntled consumers who are quietly gnashing their teeth but never say much for fear that their complaints will be disqualified or perceived as useless, irrational or unfounded.

If this report does make you mad, then great. I hope it does, but in a good way. Because that's what needed to make a difference. That's the discomfort you need to push you into being a part of the change — rather than being a part of the problem.

One of my favorite authors, Larry Winget, author of "Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life!" who is known for his rants about sales and customer service, once said that you need to be uncomfortable to initiate change. Discomfort is often the catalyst for change.

If you're sitting down right now reading this report, you may be sitting in a certain position for quite a while. You're comfortable and you won't change your position — until you feel uncomfortable. The moment you feel a little discomfort, you'll fidget. You'll twitch. And finally, you'll move around until you find another position you're comfortable in.

This report, in the same way, is intended to do the same.

So I'm warning you…

As you read this, you might give a sigh a relief thinking that finally someone is speaking out on something you've felt for so long. Something you knew wasn't right. Something, like that sick, sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when buying — or even promoting — something online in a way you knew wasn't right.

Or maybe, as you read this, it will make you upset, mad, even angry. For some people, this report might cause you to rip your computer screen from out of its wall socket and thrown out the window, as you turn green and bulky like some comic-book hero.

For others, this report might appear obscene, vulgar and rude. Perhaps even offensive. After all, my wife doesn't sugarcoat anything. She uses strong language not intended for a young audience. So reader discretion is advised.

If you're easily offended, then back away now.

This report is bold and brash. It will not hold anything back. Not a single opinion, and certainly not a single curse word censored for the sake of political correctness. If you are offended by words like "bullshit," "ass," "jerk," and other four-letter words I won't mention here, then don't read this report. It is not for you.

My wife wanted to release this report in all its unedited rawness and raunchiness. It's remarkably edgy, it's unabashedly candid and it's definitely going to ruffle a few feathers… if not the entire chicken coop.

So hold on tight. If you want to see what's causing my wife — and a growing number of quiet yet disenchanted consumers — so much anguish these days, along with actual, actionable solutions you can implement to make a necessary change, then sit back, grab your favorite beverage and take notes, because you're in for a wild ride.

More important, if you want to learn how to grow a business both ethically and reliably, for the long haul, then you're going to love this report.

I wish you the very best.

Enjoy the ride,

Michel Fortin

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Remember, it contains coarse language and mature themes that may not be suitable for younger audiences or the easily offended. Discretion is strongly advised.

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